by Tarek Kirschen

Mask donation to Miami Beach Fire Recue

From 7 News Miami May 11, 2020

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A medical mask supplier is stepping up to help first responders cover up while putting their lives on the line.

Personal protective equipment is in high demand around the country, prompting many to use homemade supplies to stay safe.

One Miami-based company is making sure to use their resources to help frontline workers.

Laz Kaufman, the COO of V12 Supply, said, “We are aware of the crisis that our first responders have had to get essential items in the PPE world, and we’re trying to make that as easy as possible.”

To do so, on Monday, V12 supply donated 500 N-95 masks as well as 1,000 three-ply disposal masks to very grateful Miami Beach Fire Rescue workers.

Virgil Fernandez, the Miami Beach Police Chief, said, “It’s great when we see our business and residents responding to our first responders. Masks have been something very hard to get, and this is critical for us. This is critical equipment.”

While these brave men and women continue to help their communities fight against COVID-19, firefighters also have obligations outside of work.

Fernandez said, “The firefighters standing behind me have families at home, and they go out and respond to any type of emergencies that we go to, but we also want to make sure we keep our families safe. Some of us live with our parents, our children, some of us have spouses that are pregnant, so it’s extremely important to make sure we keep them safe, in turn keep their family safe.”

V12 Supply said they will continue to make more donations as the pandemic goes on.

Thank You Note from the Jackson Health Foundation