V12 Health® Launches New Line of Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves

V12 Health® Launches New Line of Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves

MIAMI FL, March 23, 2021 – V12 Health® has successfully launched a new line of Nitrile Medical Exam and TPE gloves.

“Our company focuses on providing top of the line medical exam gloves, which meet or exceed ASTM Industry standards,” states founder and CEO Tarek Kirschen.


V12 Health’s new state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities currently produce V12 PISTA, a Royal Blue Nitrile Medical Exam Glove, which conforms with ASTM D6319, and V12 FORZA, a Lavender Nitrile Medical Exam Glove, which is approved for use with chemotherapy drugs and conforms with ASTM D6978.


V12 Health’s non-medical lineup currently consists of V12 STRADA, a Light Blue Synthetic Silky TPE Glove, which conforms with FDA 21 CFR and is approved for use in housekeeping, beauty, laboratory, nursing and food processing environments.


“Our new glove lineup was developed with direct input from our network of value analysis teams and infection prevention committees with strict adherence to technical specifications and industry standards,” Kirschen states.


After listening to industry concerns, V12 Health prioritized becoming a manufacturer, which has enabled the company to simplify supply chain issues for some of the most prominent US Health Care providers, distributors, and government agencies. With direct control of the manufacturing process V12 Health oversees research and development, quality control, as well as production.


About the Company:

V12 Health® is an FDA registered premier manufacturer of Nitrile Medical Exam gloves, Chemo rated gloves, and TPE gloves. Corporate offices are located in Miami, Istanbul, and Shenzhen with manufacturing facilities in Turkey and China. V12 Health prides itself on delivering high quality gloves and is focused on positioning itself as the new market leader.


If you are interested in receiving some samples please let me know along with your contact info and I will send some to you!


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