V12 In Forbes Magazine

V12 In Forbes Magazine


This time last year the importing business had a very different meaning for Tarek Kirschen. He was known around the world for being on the pulse of a vibrant and prosperous restaurant and events scene. His networking portfolio included the who’s who of exporters everywhere from Asia to Europe.

In 2020 everything changed when his co-workers in China heard rumor that something was in the air – literally. As events and restaurants around the world began to shut their doors, Kirschen saw the early months of last year as a different opportunity, one full of new doors to be opened.

Relying on a comprehensive list of companies who once made ​venue​ stockrooms full of marketing materials for the hottest scenes in the world think items like bedazzled cup holders or upscale wine and champagne deliveries, he used his skillset to come up with a solution. This networking pro quickly rose to the top of the personal protective equipment industry.


“It's unprecedented, I mean I’ve never seen anything like it,” says the Founder and CEO of V12 HEALTH about his business that is booming during the pandemic. “I've been involved with this since late February. I've toiled in other businesses, but this is new and off the chart.” 

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