About Us

V12 HEALTH is a Miami Florida based FDA registered company specializing in manufacturing and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment including Gloves, Masks, Shields, Gowns and other critical PPE. We manufacture all our current PPE in Thailand, Europe, China and the Caribbean. We will be independent from China  and our products will be made in the United States by the 1st QTR of 2021 giving us better control of the entire supply chain.

V12 HEALTH has opened its 1st PPE warehouse in Miami Florida (PPEWH) with more locations coming online in Q4 and Q1 2021

At V12 HEALTH our vision is to become your trusted source for all your PPE needs now and in the future.

Our clients include some of the top US and international health care and government agencies, who rely on our streamlined and transparent shipping and delivery services.

Thank you and stay safe! "Everyone is Essential"

Tarek Kirschen

Founder & CEO