Description: V12 PISTA Nitrile Gloves are made with 100% Butyronitrile. The average thickness is 4.9mil at the finger and 3.78mil at the palm. 
Material: 100% Butyronitrile (100% powder free) 
Brand: V12 
Origin: China
Application: Automotive, Tattoo Shop, Food Service, etc.
Use: Non Medical 
US/EU: Yes
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Sterility: Non-sterile
Thickness: Avg. Finger 4.9mil, Avg. Palm 3.78mi
Packaging: 100pcs/box

Core competitiveness High-end disposable nitrile gloves producer. Access to key target markets with such certificates as NSF Food System, CMDCAS, ASTM, ISO, JFHA, etc.

Quality Control Establishment of strict quality control system according to relevant standards of ISO9001, ISO13485, CMDCAS ISO13485, FDA, GMP and gain the above

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