V12 In Yahoo Finance

V12 In Yahoo Finance

Our company, V12, learned about the new global supply chain the hard way. Having designed and manufactured luxury products for the American and European markets, our business went to zero practically overnight when lockdowns were implemented. Despite being based out of an advanced country like the United States, we witnessed a complete breakdown in the global supply chain over trade related issues with China. Since most companies went to the same factories in Wuhan for manufacturing, logistics became a nightmare on an international scale.

V12 leadership, however, was able to pivot by having our overseas manufacturing operations produce highly sought-after PPE supplies. From nitrile gloves to medical gowns, we focused on producing the highest quality medical grade equipment. In pivoting, however, we still faced tremendous supply chain issues during the pandemic: We often encountered a lack of available planes to ship our products and difficulties with customs. The best way to minimize risk and ensure our medical products reached their final destinations of hospitals and health care systems was to create our own internal infrastructure.

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